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R2401 surface resistance tester Is special designed for the environment defended-electronic technology, art and equipment. Not only test the surface resistance , but also test the field resistance. R2401 use special parallelism electrode sensor way, may simply re-test all kinds of conduction, electricity leakage, insulation surface.
In some special using area and environment, for some high special requirement on electronic availability defense, for example: IC, product line, test meter and equipment, and so on.
There are some elements affect the electronic, for example: electromagnet, maybe the friction chance happen, a dry degree of air and so on. Through testing the square meter of resistance which is available test ways, the same as the electronic voltage, from two different opinion descriptions, measuring one parameter. But it looks like more intuition, accurate, stable, reasonable, convenience than the electronic voltage. So it is the best tool to replace electronic voltage.
1. Low resistance test state: 1x103,1x104,1x105(Ohms)/m2
2. High resistance test state: 1x106,1x107,1x1081x109,1x1010,1x1011(Ohms)/m2
3. Insulation test state: 1x1012(Ohms)/m2