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SBT70N10 keyset SPD for antenna system is designed for protection of the sensitive antenna feedback system: avoid the destruction result from the lightning induced voltage, power interference and static discharge.

1. Large discharge current
2. low residual voltage
3. wide working frequency range
4. stabile capability
5. Low voltage standing wave rate(VSWR)
6. Low insertion loss
7. Can be used in two ways
8. Good Reliable operation
9. Can feed
10. Name-brand components, advanced process

Technical parameters:
model SBT70N10
Max continuous operating voltage 70V
Max discharge current (8/20Us) 10kA
Limiting voltage <=200V
Operating frequency 1.0GHz
Insertion loss <=0.2dB
Standing wave rate <=1.2
Interface form L16
Protection from Line-ground
Working environment temperature-25~+650, relative humidity<=95% (250)