Sell surge arrester(module) for power supply

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 Three phases AC power supply: 3+1circuit, fits for TT and TN system;
 Especially selective parameter of apparatus fits even more to defend equipment in poor-quality power net-work;
 Temperature control to shut-off technology and built-in over-current protection circuit avoid fire accident entirely;
 Low residual voltage, well protect customers equipment;
 Red, Green colors LEDs indicate operating state syllabify and straightly;
 Remote alert function makes your control easy;
 Small size, expedient installation and simple maintenance;
 Rarefied craftwork, Can work permanently on bad circumstance.


Model YD40K385QH YD40K385EH
Nominal voltage Un 220/380V (Three Phases) 220V(Single Phase)
Continuous operating voltage Uc 385V
Nominal discharge current In 20KA(8/205S)
Max discharge current Imax 40KA(8/205S)
Protection level Up 1500V (3KA 8/205S)
Response time <=25ns
Connecting cable section area 6mm225mm2
Connecting alarm cable section area 0.5mm21.5mm2
Dimensions (L x W x H ) mm 90W72W68mm(alarm port excluded)
Working environments Temperature 40~+700C, Humidity relative <=95% (250) ,
Reserve the right for technology revise

1. the installation of the SPD
Standard 35mm mount rail, install in the general power distribution cabinet.
2. the connection of the SPD
2.1 Single phase SPD connection way shows as figure 1, figure 2, three phase SPD connection way shows as figure 3, and detailed connection please check attached instruction.
2.2 There is an alarm terminal on the SPD. Connection port is on the lower part of the base plate. If long distance control needed, connect the alert device in open circuit.
2.3 When the connection finished, please check it whether it is correct and credible, after that, switch on the power, if the LED shows green color, then the alarm system is on working and the connection is correct.
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3 years