Sell suspended platform/window cleaning machinery

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Rated load: 800kg
Lifting speed: 9 to 11m/minute
Platform size (L x W) : (2.5 x 3) x 0.76m
Wire rope: 4 x 31SW + FC-9.1
Minimum breaking force: 63kN
Hoisting mechanism
Hoist model: LTD80A
Rated lifting force: 8kN
Motor type: YEJ90LB-4
Power: 1.8kW
Voltage: 380V AC, three-phase (415V AC, three-phase)
Braking torque: 15.2Nm
Safety lock type: tilt-resistant safety lock
Suspender mechanism
Height adjustment: 1.15 to 1.75m
Front beam extent: 1.1 to 1.7m (should reduce the load on the suspender platform when extent is 1.5m or more)
Machine weight
Platform (including hoist, safety lock, electric control box) 535kg (steel) and 380kg(aluminum)
Suspension mechanism: 2 x 175kg
Balance weight: 1,000kg
Whole machine weight: (no-including wire rope and cable) 1925kg (steel) and 1750kg(aluminum)
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