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We have lagitimate gold buyers that are looking to buy from 250 to 20,000 Metric Tons of gold utilizing the Swiss Procedure. We will require an unsantized FCO after an NCNDA, with proof of product (POP) . Serious inquiries only.
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50,000 MT - 100,000 MT with Rolls and Extends of Gold Bullion Bars Price 2 nd Fixing LMBA. Refined to LMBA Standards in 12.5 Kg Weight 24 Karats. Internationally Accepted GLD Specifications and Standards. Purchase on International Swiss Procedu....

Looking to buy Gold dust, GLD or Dore bars
Dear seller/seller's mandate, if you have available gold in any form (GLD bullion, Dore bars or Gold dust) please contact us. For GLD gold we would utilize Swiss procedure as following:  Seller issues signed FCO.  Buyer returns signed FCO indi....
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We have from 500MT to 10,000MT of Gold Bullion that is up for sale. Swiss Procedure/Good London Delivery, Bank to Bank Transactions, UBS Gold and TTM are some of the highlights of the various situations available. We deal directly with the Buyers....
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We are seeking 50MT to 1000MT of Hallmarked Platinum Bullion in Tranches over the course of 12 months. Swiss Procedure, Bullion Officer to Bullion Officer, Bank to Bank Transaction. Seller Needs to email Soft Offer with full procedures after NCND....
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We are direct to Buyer Mandate in EU (Very well known company) looking for Gold Bullion. If you are or have a DIRECT SELLER who is looking to sell, we are interested: The Buyer is ready to close tranches of 1 to 250 metric tons. We strictly us....
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We are looking always for genuine, professional sellers of Gold bars with Swiss procedures. Also we can buy Gold dust and expired Gold on CIF basis only , bank to bank. Otherwise , dont waste your time.
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We Are sending you the procedures which are acceptable for our buyers. THE PROCEDURE FOR GOLD DUST BUSINESS: Our buyers could buy any quantity of gold dust if it is at good discount and has a reasonable price. Buyers Procedures: 1. Buy....

Gold Buyer
We are interested in buying bullion Gold. If you are the seller/mandate send us a FCO with Master Fee Protection Agreement. My buyer is interested in Swiss Procedure. If you have the FCO and MFPA send it to us as soon as possible, my buyer will sig....
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We are buyer group in London for many buyers. We require gold bullion bars, and also dust. For bars, please send FCO for LOI. Bras, Swiss procedure, or FCO for LOI, buyer meets sellers. Very quick deals for gold bars in euro banks, 4 days. For du....
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