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Thermostat T23 Series

Electrical Rating: 15A 125V AC (resistive load)
10A 250V AC (resistive load)
Operating Temp: 50 o to 200 o C (UL, cUL 205o C)
Differential: 10o to 30o C
Operating Temp: +/- 5o C (+/-3o C available) or +/-4.5%
Recovery Temp: +/-10o C (or +/-6%) (100o C~200o C)
Weight: 4.2g (4 poles) , 4g (short one)
Heat Durability: 240oC (PPS) and 150oC (Phenolic)
Circuit Resistance: 50 m Ohm or less
Insulation Resistance: 100Mohm or more between the non-live metal parts and terminals
Dielectric Strength: AC 1,000 V for one minute or more between non-live metal parts and terminals
Operating Life: 100K cycles (at full load)


(A) Contact type:
A. Contact Opens when Temperature Rises to Set Point (Normal Closed)
B. Contact Closes When Temperature Rises to Set Point (Normal Open)
M. Manual Reset

(B) Grade of tolerance: (*standard)
Grade A B* C D E
Action +/- o C 3 5 6 10 12 Action +/- 4.5%
Reset +/- o C 4 8 10 12 14 Reset +/- 6%

(C) Mounting style for body:

(D) Terminal orientation:

(E) Terminal size:
1. Amp # 187 Tab (4.75 x 0.8 t )
2. Amp # 250 Tab (6.3 x 0.8 t )
Request for T23 samples : Download T23 sample request sheet ( PDF format )

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