Sell switching power supply(s-150)

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Mingwei Electric, as one of the largest enterprise specializing in developing and manufacturing of switching power supply, its product line have included AC/DC switching power supplies, DC/DC converters etc. And most products have CE, CB, CCC, SEMKO, ESC and other approval.

~Experienced & talented R&D staffs.
~Stronly scientific research team & stringent quality guarantee system.
~Offering OEM service and fast sample delivery.
~High quality, low price; Most models, best service in china.

Type Power Output
S-15 15W +5V/3A, +12V/1.3A, +24V/0.7A
S-25 25W +5V/5A, +12V/2.1A, +15V/1.7A, +24V/1.1A
S-35 35W +5V/7A, +12V/3A, +15V/2.5A, +24V/1.5A
S-40 40W +5V/8A, +12/V3.5A, +15V/2.8A, +24V/1.8A
S-50 50W +5V/10A, +12V/4.2A, +15V/3.4A +24V/2.1A
S-60 60W +5V/12A, +12V/5A, +15V/4A +24V/2. 5A
S-100 100W +5V/20A, +7.5V/13.5A, +12V/8.5A, +15V/6.7A, +24V/4.5A, +48V/2.2A
S-100F 100W +3V/20A, +5V/20A, +7.5V/13.6A, +10V/10A, +12V/8.5A, +15V/6.7A, +18V/5.6A, +24V/4.5A, +48V/2A
S-150 150W +5V/30A, +7.5V/20A, +9V/16.7A, +12V/12.5A, +13.5V/11.2A, +15V/10A, +24V/6.5A, +27V/5.6A, +48V/3.2A
S-201 200W +5V/40A, +7.5V/26.5A, +12V/16.5A, +13.5V/14.7A, +15V/13A, +24V/8.3A, +27V/7.4A, +48/4.2A
S-240 240W +5V/40A, +7.5V/30A, +12V/18A, +15V/15A, +24V/10A, +30V/8A, +48V/5A
S-320 320W +5V/50A, +7.5V/30A, +12V/25A, +13.5/22A, +15V/20A, +24V/12.5A, +27V/11A, +48V/6.5A
S-350 350W +5V/50A, +7.5V/40A, +12V/29A, +13.5/25.8A, +15V/23.2A, +24V/14.6A, +27V/13A, +48V/7.3A
PS-280 280W +13.5V/20A, +27V/10A