Sell synthetic diamond powder

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Micron Powder of diamond is used extensively in the fields of machinery, electronics, aviation and space flight, optical instrument, glass, ceramic, oil, geological and industry, It is an ideal material for grinding and polishing horniness alloy and optical glass. Generally, sizes from W 0-0.5 to W 6-12 is suitable for polishing, sizes from W5-10 to W 22-36 is used for grinding, sizes of W 12-22 and up is used for fine grinding.

Resin Bond Diamond Powder
RVD shows excellent thermal stability and produces news, sharp edges in abrasive applications. Recommended for processing cemented carbide, PCD, glass and ceramics.

Metal Bond Diamond Powder
This series is characterized by its high impact strength, regular blocky-shape, tightly controlled PSD. low impurity, high thermal stability and high wear resistance, Achieves exccllent results in lapping and polishing applications for Si wafer, glass, ceramies and PCD.