Sell tantalum sheet, tantalum foil ASTM B 708 R05200

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Temper condition: annealed
Specs : according to ASTM B708 -98 R05200 & R05400.
Chemical composition :
O 0.0150 %max (0.0300%max for R05400)
C 0.0100 %max
N 0.0100 %max
H 0.0015 %max
Fe 0.0100%max
Ni 0.0100%max
Si 0.0050 %max
Ti 0.0100 %max
Mo 0.0200 %max
W 0.0500 %max
Nb 0.1000 %max
Ta balance (typically 99.92%)
Physical & Mechanical property :
Tensile strength 207 MPa min.
Yield strength 138 MPa min.
Elongation 25%min
Size available :
Thickness 0.1 up to 0.49mm x Width up to 400mm max x Length up to 1000mm max.
Thickness 0.5 up to 6.35mm x Width up to 800mm max x Length up to 2000mm max.
Typical size:
1.5mm Thickness x300mm x1600mm (weight 12.3 kg/pc)
4.0mm x 70mm x 70mm (weight=0.345kg)
2.0mm x 38mm x 290mm (weight=0.389kg)

1.0mm Thickness x160mm x780mm (weight 2.211 kg/pc)
1.0mm Thickness x300mm x1600mm (weight 8.08 kg/pc)
1.0mm Thickness x300mm x300mm (weight=1.52 kg/pc)
0.5mm Thickness x 500mm x 500mm
0.5mm Thickness x 500mm x 1000mm
0.4mm Thickness x 305mm x 455mm
0.4mm x 300mm x 775mm (weight=1.5872kg/pc)

0.2mm(+/-0.01) Thicknessx 50mm (+/-0.5) x 330mm (+/-0.5) ;
0.2mm(+/-0.01) Thickness x 60mm (+/-0.5) x 330mm (+/-0.5) ;
0.125mm Thickness x 300mm x 300mm (weight=0.22 kg/pc)
0.1mm(+/-0.01) Thickness x 60mm (+/-0.5) x 330mm (+/-0.5) , weight´╝Ł0.033 kg/pc)
0.1mm(+/-0.01) Thickness x 50mm (+/-0.5) x 330mm (+/-0.5) ;
0.1mm Thickness x300mm x 300mm (weight=0.152 kg/pc)
0.1mm Thickness x300mm x 500mm (weight=0.267 kg/pc)

0.05mm Thickness X 56mm X 108mm
0.05mm Thickness X 76mm X 500mm
0.05mm Thickness X 76mm X 500mm
0.05mm Thickness x width 150mm x 500mm;
0.05mm Thickness x width 300mm x length 600mm;

Thickness .005"-.009" x Width up to 4" x Random length;
Thickness .001"-.010" x Width up to 12" x Random length;
Thickness .010"-.020" x Width up to 24" x Random length;
Thickness .025"-.500" x Width up to 24" x Random length;
Thickness .500"-4.00" x Width up to 26" x Random length;
Typical application:
Tantalum sheet is made into Tantalum sleeve fitted over a stainless steel thermowell provides
an economical way to protect against corrosion, because thermocouples are the most widely
used process sensor, meanwhile are often used to protect thermocouples when monitoring
the temperature of highly corrosive chemical solutions and agents. Solid machined and drilled
tantalum thermowells are good for these applications. usually to save money, a thin tantalum
sleeve (or tantalum sheet with 0.013 - 0.015 inch thick) is often used. This is fitted over a
thermowell made of type 316 stainless steel.
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