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Researched and manufactured by adopting and assimilating German technology, together with the requirement for weaving technology of domestic market, Extrusion and Stretching Machines of this type controlled by micro-computer and frequency conversion governor have many traits such as high speed, high value, high efficiency and high automatic degree. They are widely used for producing container bags, small package bags, transparent bags and other PP and PE woven bags.

Item :SJ75/800-250, SJ90/1100-250, SJ105/1200-280, SJ120/1500-250
Output of Flat Film(net/8 hours) : 500-800Kg, 1000-1700kg, 1400-2100kg, 1800-2600kg
Suitable Materials: PP/PE, PP/PE , PP/PE , PP/PE
Max. Extrusion Output: 200Kg/h, 280Kg/h, 360Kg/h, 420Kg/h
L/D Ratio of Screw :33:1, 33:1, 33:1, 30:1
Rotational Velocity of Screw: 20-110r/min, 20-120r/min, 20-120r/min, 20-150r/min
Width of Die Lip: 800mm, 1100mm, 1200mm, 1500mm
Filter Form: selectable, selectable , selectable, selectable
Stretching form: hot bowed board, oil heating; hot bowed board, oil heating; hot bowed board, oil heating ; hot bowed board, oil heating
Model SSJ-280 Winder: 144spindles, 184spindles, 200spindles, 256spindles
Density Scope of Flat Film: 60-220tex, 60-220tex, 60-220tex, 60-220tex
Total Power: 150kw, 260kw, 300kw, 380kw
Main Motor Power: 45kw, 55kw, 75kw, 90kw
Measurement(LWWWH) : 28mW5mW4m, 36mW5mW4m, 40mW5mW4m ,44mW5mW4m
Standards of Flat Film (Width of Film: 2.5mm, Thickness of Film: About 0.05mm. )