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From small size(D=210mm) to large size(D=1500mm) taper roller bearings that we could making in our factory, The clients were able to operating request yourself, advanced by technology refer and purchase to our company.

FRB BEARINGS Tapered roller bearings are a unique subset of axial roller bearings in which the rollers are tapered rather than straight right cylindrical. The roller shape allows thrust loads to be withstood in addition to the radial loads.

Usually, Tapered Roller Bearings are detachable type, which the cone inner ring component with roller and retainer can install separately from the cone outer ring. Tapered Roller Bearings are cone-shaped inner and outer ring raceway and tapered roller arranged between the two. The projection line of all the cones surface meet together at the same point in the bearing axis line. This design to make tapered roller bearings particularly suitable for composite bearing (radial and axial) load.
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