Sell taurine

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1) Applications: dairy products beverage, tonic, nutriment
2) Specification: JP8

25kg/ctn or drum
50kg/ctn or drum

Chemical Name:2-aminoethanesulfonic acid

Chemical Formula :C2H7NO3S

Appearance: White crystal or crystal powder. soluble in water, insoluble in ethyl alcohol, ether, and acetone.

Quality standard: 2000 version of Pharmacopoeia of People Republic of China or JP8 version(Japan)

Application: It acts as a kind of sulfate amino acid, which is indispensable to the human body. It can be used to cure cold, fever, nerve pains, tonsil inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, CHF (congestive heart failure) , high blood pressure and retina inflammation, etc. Taurine is helpful to the infants, especially to the differentiation and growth of nerve cell. When mixed with milk or milk powder, it shows practically the same results as the breast milk.


Outer Packing: Carton, paper bag, Drum;
Inner Packing: two layers of polyethylene bags

Specification:25 Kgs per piece