Sell tea seed meal without straw

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The series of tea seed meal is the residue of camellia seed after extracting the oil. Tea seed meal contains saponin, which is a kind of soluble toxin and a kind of ideal pond cleaning drug. It not only kills the various kinds of wild fish and shrimp, but also can kill spawn of frog, tadpole, earthworm, linear insect, ground of tiger, nematode etc. Tea seed meal can make the shrimp exuviate the shell in the early time in order to make them grow more quickly. Meanwhile tea seed meal is not poisonous to the pond vegetation. Tea seed meal can be soluble into the organic fertilizer promoting the growth of the alga. Saponin is easy to be dissolved into the alkaline water. The curative effect will be better if you add a little limewaters when using. The protein content of tea seed meal is high. To the lack of silt and barren basis in pond, tea seed meal can improve fertilizer effect and be benefit for the circumstance protection without soil pollution.
The tea seed meal without straw, which is the pellet shape, is one kind of the series of tea seed meal. It is made from the tea seed cake after extracting.

Package: 50kg/bag in plastic woven bag