Sell tea seed powder (insecticide/fungicide)

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We are one of the biggest manufacturers of special type plant oils in China. We specialize in camellia oil. tea seed powder and 70 meshes tea seed powder. We can supply high quality camellia oil, tea seed powder and 70 meshes tea seed powder. The best price! The tea seed powder contains 12-15% saponin and can be used as the raw material from which the tea saponin is extracted . It is also widely used for killing snails in pond or coastal cropland, earthworms in vegetable field and underground pests in golf grassland . It can help shrimp exuviate and improve the quality of water. Its merits: No contamination and poison left . The remnant tea seed meal that is hydrolyzed in pond still contains rich protein and thick fibre, which can be assimilated thoroughly by aquatic creatures in the pond. It is the fine feed for eel, shrimp and crab. The quality of tea seed powder resid rate : 1.5%max, water content:12%max, saponin cintent:12-15%, thick protein:14% , thick fibre:12%, amylum and glucide:30-50%, impurity content : 4% max , period of validity : one year.
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