Buy television lcd

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I am a French buyer and I would like to set up a long and profitable business with a foreign supplier.

The French market is important and lot of family are being to buy LCD television. My potential market in Europe is about 40 television / month. But for meet the success I need a television LCD produced by a famous brand (Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Philips, Pioneer, Sharp) .
The minimum size is 32. I can sell in England, in Belgium, in Deutschland.
In first time I would like propose only 1 model of television So make me your best proposition.

Make me you best proposition concerning: 1 LCD television.

- Price of product. In odder to sell lot of product the price must be low. Propose me one product.
- Payment facilities.
- Time of delivery. i send you the addressee of the customer and you send them the product. In France, in England, in Belgium.
- Time and specification of the warranty.
- Send me specification about your companies (web site or description)