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Intelligent drive control
Advanced Curtis drive controller gives smooth, steeples acceleration and infinitely variable speed control, providing superior command of the truck when entering a pallet. The controller utilizes regenerative braking which reduce heat of motor and increase power of battery. The anti-rollback system delivers maximum power when required for uphill starts on loading ramps. The controller also provides improved speed control during travel on uphill or downhill gradients. Drive performance can be adjusted by using programmer unit.
Safety design
Limit switch automatically cuts off pump operations when the lift cylinder reaches the end of its travel.
Overload valve is a safety relief, to keep the hydraulics from lifting over capacity of the unit.
Rider model, safety arm must be open before truck can go full speed travel.
Heavy-duty stabilizing caster wheels to provide excellent stability even when making sharp turns also reduce product damage.
A large safety button will reverses the direction of travel if it strikes the operator, thus reducing the chances of injury.
Emergency push down stop button will cut the power supply and make immediately stop.
Ergonomic and strong handle
Heavy-duty control arm has ergonomic handle and effort-free controls.
Turning angle of 180 degree, this ensures excellent maneuver-ability in tight space.
High accurate and durability
Piston type lift cylinder has a hard chrome plated ram for long lift.
All shafts are heat treated, grease nipples on all pivot points this will be a longer life.
Thicker, heavy-duty frame provide added strength and longer life.
Float-in drive unit reduce hard vibration from floor, which makes drive motor and gear box to have longer working life.
All pivot hole machined by CNC machine after welding, which makes all lifting and moving at high accurate and more smoothly.
Special sliding lowering valve keep long life and easy service of hydraulic unit.
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