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Universal input. Switching power supply.

Function selection:

XMT 1.  9 2. 3. 4.

1. - Dimension (width*high)

A: 96*96, D: 72*72, E:48*96, F:96*48, G:48*48, T: 160*80,

2. - Adjustment method

0- two states adjustment

2- three states adjustment

4- break/connect contact point PID adjustment

5- drive solid relay PID function

7- output single phase zero passage contact signal PID function

8- output three phase zero passage contact signal PID function

9- output 0-10mA etc. current PID adjustment

3. - Alarm function

0- no alarm function

1- upper limit alarm function

2- lower limit alarm function

3- upper and lower limit alarm function

4. - Input signal

Universal input (indicate the specific type when you order)
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