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Main functions:
RC-600 Temperature Humidity Recorder + Data Processor Software
RC-600 Temperature Recorder is widely used for the storage and transportation of the foodstuffmedicine fresh and live goods. It is used in the walks of life which are accordant with HACCP System Certificate as well. Furthermore, it can be used in locales where need Temperature supervision, such as labs. RC-600 Temperature Recorder has features as following: stable performance, small size, large data recording capacity, high accuracy andlower watt consumption, etc.
Technical parameters:
Temperature measuring range: -40.00~+120.00
Accuracy of temp. measurement under room temp. :10.20 at -200~+300,
10.50 at others
Resolution: 0.1
External sensor: PT1000
Humidity measuring range: 0~95%RH
Accuracy: 13% RH
Resolution: 0.1
Recording cycle: Normal mode 2 seconds~24 hours continuous set
Low power consumption mode: 10 seconds~24 hours continuous set
Recording capacity: Temperature: 8000 points (Max)
Humidity: 8000 points (Max)
Applicable environment: Temperature: -350~700
Humidity: 0%~95%
Power supply: 2.4Ah 3.6V one non-chargeable lithium battery
(continuous work at 1~2 years, depend on specific conditions)
Data output: Connect the computer with RS-232 interface to transfer data
Safe level: IP65
Terms of Payment
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