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Tempered and heat-strengthened glass is obtained by heating ordinary glass to its softening point and then suddenly cooling down to form compression in the surface layer of the glass, thus the mechanical strength is increased by times.
Tempered glass is made by heating flat glass to approach its softening temperature and suddenly chilling it with jets of cold air, which distributes compression stress on the glass surfaces while tensile stress in the middle of glass. The counteraction of compression stress and tensile stress provides a very higher strength for tempered glass.
Features of tempered glass
1. Safety: when broken, tempered glass becomes small granules, which prevent substantial hurt to human body.
2. High strength: the strength of tempered glass is 4 to 5 times that of annealed glass.
3. Thermal stability: tempered glass has excellent thermal stability, which can withstand up to 3000C thermal shock.
Tempered glass is a kind of safety glass and is widely used in places which call for high mechanical strength and safety, such as glazed door, curtain wall, vertical window, partition wall, and partition screen close to heat source and subject to violent thermal shock.
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