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Tempered Glass
Tempered glass is to heat glass up to 700 degrees and then rapidly cool down, according to different degrees, there are two kinds of this glass: full tempered glass and half full tempered glass

Full Tempered Glass Property
The intensity of tempered glass is 3-4 times of ordinary glass, when it was destroyed by external force and became pellets, which will reduce body injury and temperature will be changed very quickly. (The 5mm tempered glass approximately may bear 200 degrees temperature changes. )

Half Tempered Glass Property
The intensity of half tempered glass is 2-3 times of ordinary glass; when it was destroyed by external force, the crack starts to extend to side from where got destroyed but most of parts of glass still keep in frame that avoid or reduce body injury, it is smoother than tempered glass.
Compound Product of Tempered Glass
Silk print tempered glass, ground tempered glass, glazed tempered glass, tempered laminated glass; insulating tempered glass and ice-flower glass.

According to building laws, the place must use safety glass: windows and another parts of building; glass railings and escalator railings; the windows of cars and ships; glass tabletop and display shelf; indoor decoration and furniture etc.
Maximum measurement: 8800mmX2440mm
Minimum measurement: 250mmX100mm
Thickness: 4mm-25mm

Annual Productivity: 1,100, Square meters