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Horizontal Bending and Tempering Furnace for Automotive Back Glass
This machine is composed of loading zone, heating zone, quenching zone, and unloading zone.
There are uniformly installed many quartz ceramic rollers in the heating zone. The rollers are excellent in linearity, roundness and heating deformation. They can make the glass avoid to be distorted when heated. The control method in the heating zone is intelligent module and PLC.
Inside the heating furnace, there is equipped with force convection device to make the glass have the consistency and stability within the heating prophase period. It can basically solve the question that the glass explodes in the furnace when heated. The quenching zone is composed of high-pressure blower, blades, and drive system. The blades in the intensifying zone make the cooling-air blow evenly on and below the glass surface. The distance between the blades and glass is adjustable.
Glass is laid in the loading zone and taken out from unloading zone.
The characteristic is high production efficiency, excellent quality, and low energy consumption. glass machinery