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Peasants accidentally discovered the tomb of first emperor-Qin Shi Huang of the Qin dynasty While digging a well in 1974. Qin Shi Huang conquered and unified six states, became the first emperor of china. when he Was 13 yeas old(246BC) , he begun to build his tomb, completed in 209BC.70,000 workers were forced to work for him. it is believed that emperor Qin ordered that worker and supervisor involved in tomb design be buried alive to protect tomb secret. excavated terracotta warriors as an Exterior section of tomb, they were believed to be Qi Shi Huang s garrison.
Morn than 7000 life-sized warriors and horses of terra-cotta were found in three vaults. the troops were of a fairly uniform height of 1.8 5meters. They worn helmet and armor, carried real bow, sword and spear. warrior has a different and unique appearance. each chariot , made of wood is drawn by four horses,1.5 meter in height. warriors were arranged in complex battle array. example for oblong, square, polygon. warrior also burden different mission, some soldier are vanguard, some are main body of arm, the other are guard. fighting troop are placed in vault1and2,
Vault3 was likely headquarters of troop. However the commander is mission, many archaeology believe that since the underground army represent emperors garrison under his directly command, no marshal was necessary.
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