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WE are manufacturers since 1975 and are well known for manufacturing various chemicals n supplying them in various regions in india. we make about 40 textile chemicals used for various purposes. the rates offered is nominal as per the market rates plus tax applied. we serve samples b4 taking order as to makes the buyer fully satisfied about the product he is purchasing. most of the chemicals are made for printing process. we have capacity to produce 70-100 tonns per day. the following products can also be used as textile chemicals. We have a strong reputation for quality, reliability & efficient customer support.

foll are the products and their short description with our company's name at initial:

SUNSOL (polyvinyl acetate dispersion for finishing of textile fabrics)
YUMICOL (polyvinyl alcohal solution)
JAYFEEL--200 (polythylene emulsion)
JAYFEEL--250 ( ' ' )
JAYFEEL--300 ( ' ' )
JAYTEX--AT (acrylic based finishing agent)
FINISH--DR ( ' ' )
FINISH--AMH ( ' ' )
AMINO SOFTNER (finishing agent)
FINISH--KVS (dimethyle dihydroxy ethylene urea cross linking agent for crease recovery properties)
DHDHU (cross linking agent)
O. S. A. CS (non-ionic detergent)
DET--25 (an-ionic detergent)
DYE--FIX--R (cationic dye-fixing agent to increase wet fastness properties of dyeing)
DYE--FIX--30 ( ' ' ' )
DYE--FIX--50 ( ' ' ' )
DYE--FIX--60 ( ' ' ' )
JAYLEVEL DFT (levelling agent for polyester dyeing)
CARRIER-DBI/TCI(carrier for poylster dyeing)
AMRUTSOL--S10 (polyvinyl acetate emulsion for khadi)
YUMISOL GB SPL (gold binder or metal binder)
JAYPRINT ALN (acrylic co-polymer emulsions for pigment binder)
JAYPRINT ACN ( ' ' ' )
JAYPRINT TK-60 (synthetic thickener for pigment printing)
EMULCIFIER (non-ionic emulcifier for pigment)
O. S. A. HC30 ( ' ' )
O. S. A. CHA (for pasting of napthols)
O. S. A. CHV (for vat levelling agent)
JAYPRINT JARI SPL (for metallic jari)
FIXER--SPL (melamine formaldehyde based resin)
BINDER-4000 (acrylic copolymer)
BINDER-9400 ( ' ' )
SOFTNER (cationic softner)
SOFTNER--EM (water replent softner)
PRODUCT--AS (antiseipage)
O. T. LIQUID 3X (wetting agent)
O. T. LIQUID 5X ( ' ' )