Sell textile machine  Model 747 Rapier loom

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This machine is used to weave crude fibres(cotton. wool. hempetc) chemical fibre, blending yam, etc.


The Model 747 Rapier loom is improved on the basis of the Model 1515 shuttle loom. there are same form and other characterstic:4 color weif selection, exchanging color per weflil can compound Dabby, Equiped with outomatic finding broken-end qpparatus. ALL of parts are made by home. SO it can evidentlyimprove unit area output, the quality of product, breed grade andlabour environment, cut dowm labour intensity, and has sidespr-eed applicability. iti is suitable to small-sized and private factorys.
Supply Capacity
2,000 Units Per Month
Condition of Goods
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