Sell textile printing machine

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Product name: Manual Textile Presses, T-shirt textile printer, textile printing machine

*SEK-MTP manual presses is capable of printing paper, film, T-shirt. It's good for small or medium-sized printing factories for its multi-funtion and delicate design. Two-tier rotation, that is printing interface and screen , performs continuous multi-color printing and makes curing and printing perform at the same time so as to increase production efficiency and quality

*Specially made pallets, heat-resistant, ametabolic by heat, ensure precise printing, used with wind-absorbing badplate to finish transfer paper printing

*Constructed of rigid steel&alloy and precise components. Professional, sturdy design with heavy stand to ensure stability

*Easily operated inching adjustment system ensures printhead's adjustment of front&rear, right&left, up&down by a knob so as to precise registration and tension control after screens are set up

*Easy to adjust and tool-free pallet registration for screen removal and replacement

*Printing interface and working interface are free to choose clockwise or counterclockwise rotation.

4/6/8/10 color manual textile printing presser are available