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JC series skid loader adopts skid steer technology, the vital components of which are imported from abroad. Two variable pumps supply the hydraulic energy to impulse the two motors to revolve and export torque to drive the machine. This machine adopts new controlling system to control the forward, backward, turning and wheeling of the machine by left and right controlling levers. Through perfect working system, the gear pump and selector valve supply the hydraulic energy in order that system can supply fuel for the supporting arm is hydraulic cylinders (which make the arm rise and fall) , buckets hydraulic cylinder (which make the buckets load or unload) and the attachments (in positive or opposite direction) .

This machine adopts hydraulically transmission system, four-wheel driven system. It has great ability to surmount the barrier and can work and wheel in narrow space. This machine uses the double rising and falling arms with tile auto-leveling system to make tile lifting and falling safety and quickly, so the efficiency is very high. The various attachments can be assembled or disassembled very quickly with the quick joints. This machine has more than ten functions such as loading, forking, digging, drilling, sweeping and crushing.