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Product name: The alpha-wave tumor nursing apparatus
Details: This instrument adopt that biofeedback therapy frequency difference musicotherapy and relaxation-imagination therapy, combining the theory of channels and collaterals in traditional Chinese medicine, improving tumor patient physical signs by way of mentality - physiology - nerve - immunity system, and accomplishing the patient self-control of own physiology. It improves patient's quality of life, and lengthens the tumor patient existent time obviously. (Doctor Green apply music training, guidance imagination, and biofeedback is intervened. And participates in treatment patients totally 156, then randomly take out 72 men in the intervention group, 84 men of control group, after the patients accepted to intervene 8 weeks, anxious level descended; and intervention group patients immunity targets obvious improvement; and the chemotherapy side effect obviously lighten such as nausea , the existence time lengthens 22.40 months. )

1. The alpha-wave tumor nursing apparatus could strengthen the occurrence of alpha wave in the brain by its specially designed frequency-different music, restore the advantageous frequency of alpha wave, stimulate enkephalin to secrete, regulate endocrine balance, thus affect the autonomous nerves system of the brain, improve body's immunity, and then lead to procedure of spontaneous health care, and make human body under best status for rather a long time!
2. In view of its positive effects, painless, non-poisonous, non-invasive and no adverse effect, it might be the most advanced music therapy for the patient with tumor nowadays. Still, its very convenient in use.
3. It has preferential effects in solving the problem of the patients with tumor, such as nervousness, anxiety, depression, insomnia, horror, nausea, vomiting, alopecia, leucopenia, and all kinds of pain. Therefore, it could improve the patients life quality efficiently, and make the patients under sort of good condition to receive further treatment.