Sell thermoplastic kneader

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Thermoplastic kneaders is main equipment of construction activity, advanced heating paints of power and mixing by thermoplastic kneader, till melt liquid state, put into machine and begin to work. Quality of line has relations with melting quality of paints, economic results relations with efficiency of melting.

We have many types of thermoplastic kneader (hydraulic or mechanical, double-cylinder or single-cylinder) . The photo is one type KH900 for your reference, the parameter of that as follows:

Mode: KH900
Technical Parameter:
Power: 16.5HP electric ignition diesel engine.
Volume: 1580X1800x1880mm
Weight: 880kg
Capacity of paints: 450kgX2
Motor: mode BM
Storage battery with machine: 100Ah
Condition of Goods
Power Requirements