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GCPI PI (polyimide) is a unique and highly stable linear heterocyclic polymer. PI exhibits excellent thermal stability, resistance to chemicals, acid and base hydrolysis and temperature resistance. Depending upon the application and duration  this PI can withstand temperatures as high as 260C, and in short bursts, to 360C. PI is a thermoplastic polymer with a Tg of 260 C. It does not burn. And it is not limited to high temperatures. PI maintains its properties as low as -196C.

Ideally suited for its application in extreme environments, PI can be formed into stock shapes and subsequently machined into high precision finished parts. Since PI does not have a melt point, moldings from PI polymer can only be formed in a patented high temperature, high pressure compression molding process.

PI is highly resistant to deformation, and has low hysterisis losses and high elastic recovery. PI exhibits ductile failure, and may be compressed to over 50% strain without fracture. GCPI PI has the highest compressive strength of any thermoplastic .

There is no weight loss or change in compressive strength of GCPI PI exposed to 450F in air for 500 hours. At 600F, no weight or strength change takes place for 100 hrs.

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