Sell three ply shuttering panel

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3ply shuttering panel for construction, MUF glue, yellow treated face
Face and back are in whole lamellas without finger joint, strong enough for building.
use Melamine Urea Formaldehyde(MUF) to 3-layers each other
The surface treatment: Are the surfaces 3-layers treated by Urea Formaldehyde mixed with special yellow Dyestuff

Size: 1000x500x27mm 2000x500x27mm,2500x500x27mm
970x500x27mm 1970x500x27mm (9+9+9)
species: Chinese Fir
Usage: Adequate for construction,
Packaging Details: wrapped with plastic bag to resist the water&moisture, tied with PVC/steel tape, at last a pallet on the bottom of each bundle to protect from broken.
packed in a package of 80 plywoods (=40 + 40) . And, 4-edges are sprayed in some resin sealant, so that they are sealed and protected from rain, water or humidity