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1. End pre-bending of high precision
When Bending the end, it can freely set the length of the edge. And when top roller presses down, high accurate and pre-bending is done under a certain pressure.

2. Excellent product precision
Due to continuous bending and high accurate end pre-bending, products have superior precision. As the top roller is in the shape of drum, with the supporting roller adjusted, it can coil ideal products in the wide range from sheets to plates.

3. Rich bending shape
There are such different shapes as O shape, U shape and multi-section shapes. The method is as follows:
O bending: back bending mode
U bending: front bending mode
Special bending: composition mode

4. Different uses with coordinating methods
There are following controlling methods according to its use:
TNC (Top NC) : for many types but small quantity of production.
CNC(CNC) : for many types but large quantity of production.

5. CNC control high producing efficiency
One operator, simple operation, and high efficiency.
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