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Main Features
1) Reducing the motor starting current.
2) It avoids the instantaneous dropping the voltage of power line and the error operation of installation, when the motor is sarted.
3) It porestalls porducting the torque shocek and breaking the mechanical shaft making the equipment trouble, when the motor is started.
4) It can frequently start motor(The soft starting equipiment generally pemits 10 starting in hour and the motor can not be ovent heated) .
5) It avoids the water hammer effect for pump load, so it can forestalls breaking the tubes.
6) For the some technology application(such as coloring yam machine) . It can forestall the unegual dyeing quality owing to the starting motor.
7) For the some easy smashed contain irrigating thick liquid production line, it can forsetall breaking the contain.
8) According to the requirement, the starting current can be controlled to reduce the mechanical shock. At same time, it suitable for low power capacity transformet.
9) It is suitable for the smoothe torque load and can reduce the appropriate power line capacity to save the expense for increasing the power capacity.
Main technical data:
1) Rated current: From 75A to 1600A
2) Voltage: 450V/660V
3) Power: From 11KW to 280kw
Brand Name
CE .ISO9001
Model Number
Terms of Payment
T/T in advance or L/C at sight