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60*60cm polished porcelain tile

High quality We always believe that good quality products only come from fine raw materials and this is why we have very strictly sourcing criteria for our raw materials. Of over 100 of types of fine and environment friendly raw materials, we have more than 30 standards and at least 10 times of application testing which are fully satisfied by the the national requirement for environment friendly building materials.
Good products also relies on a good factory management. We are so dedicated even to one single piece of tile. We understand that products-in-China are always regarded of low quality due a lot of Chinese manufacturers ignorance on their quality control , thus they failed to build up brand image in the international market. We have introduced advanced technology and management for strict quality control. Every of our production step is strict in compliance with ISO9001:2000. Our products are from the best raw materials, strict quality control, classically perfect designs and excellent technics.

Good service We respect clients benefits and focus on customer service. We have cultivated a large quantity of excellent service staff. Dedicated to setting up an "any time, any where, and any situation" service system, Every step such as , production , package , palleting , loading on container are carefully monitored, thus to ensure our products are in the best state as we believe that our customers would get the best products. ZHUOSHENG wants every customer to enjoy our professional, sincere and circumspect service.