Sell time attendance

time attendance You May Also Be Interested In: door access controller keyboard controller storage card
Must:Attendance and door access controller/IC card
Selected:Computer, Print
RS232/485 Connect to computer, or use RS485|TCP/IP conversion
Door controller:Power: 12V DC/500MA; LOCK:Electric lock

Standalone Input of entrance and exit Read Signal. (One NO. and One NC. mode)
Push button to open the door externally connected or use remote control to open the door .
The read head can be internal ( for a whole unit) or externally connected ( for a separated unit) . cand use Keyboard controller door open or close ;
Real-time or non-real-time style is optional.
Large-capacity FLASH data storage card to ensure the data not to loss
Software support:simplified Chinese, English, and Traditional Chinese
After successful read, the blue LED will flash, and give out special sound and change of screen contentexternally connected
Keyword:Attendance Controller, Door Access Controller, Electric Lock, Smart card, Card Reader, RS485