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1. V-belt
V-belt is applied widly and various enterprise has certain requriement towards it. China mainly products wrapped belt. The type includes Z, O, A, B, C, D and E.
2. Narrow V-belt
Narrow V-belt which the relative height is 0.9mm is applied to the driving of high-power machines. It mainly includes wrapped (SP, V) and cutted (XP, VX) .
3. Combined belt
The quantity of parallel belts can be two, three, four or five ribs for one combined belt.
4. Synchronous belt
Synchronous belt has one side teeth and double side teeth. Double side synchronous belt has two standard forms DA and DB.
5. PU Synchronous belt
PU synchronous belt is made of thermoplastic polyurethane. It has strong anti-wear. The various steel wire cores ensure the sound movement capability in the driving and has low productiong tolerance. Open-end PU synchronous belt has the reliable transmission and the fine size stability.
6. Ribbed belt