Sell tinplate(tinning steel)

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Existing major equipment: two sets of 350mm, Invertible cold roll train, fove sets pf 4500mm, Invertoblecold roll train, two sets of 600mm, two sets of 700 Invertible HCsix Rollers AGC cold Roll train; eighteen groups of cover-type bright electrical annealing furnace, annealing capacity of 8000 tons every month; one set of 350mm Trimmer unit, Two sets of 450MM trimmer unit, one set of 650mm trimmer unit, etc. our equipments and engineers are come from Germany Italy and Taiwan.
(Tinplate) Production products: cold roll strip steel, stannous-plating strip steel, code rolled strip steel, very thin cold tolled strip steel, mirror strip steel, shinning stripe steel, precise stripe steel, stannous-plating rolling panels.
Width:20mm-650mm Thickness: 0.12mm-3.0mm
Usage of products: Used in areas such as cars, containers, metallic furniture, architectural doors & windows, mechanism ironware, project mechanism etc.