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Motor power : 1.1kw/0.75 kw
Power supply : 100 V / 110 V / 200 V-3 ph / 220 V / 230 V / 380 V-3 ph / 415 V-3 ph
Operation pressure : 8-10 bar
Max. wheel dia. : 44" (1120 mm)
Max. wheel width : 14" (360 mm)
Rim clamping from outside : 10" -21"
Rim clamping from inside : 12" -24"
Bead-breaker force : 2500 kg
Noise : <70 dB
1. Hexangular shaft used S41 mm steel, not easy to distort, ensure the operation of low-profile and stiff tyre more safety.
2. The turntable, use δ15mm steel, the surface of the turntable is chromeplated, wearable and antisepticised.
3. The mounting head, used alloy material, ensure the intensity.
4. This machine equipped with the protection cover for the mounting head, clamps, lever and bead breaker shoe, to avoid the damage for the aluminum alloy rim.
5. The inflating system adopt gauge box, equipped with rubber inflating hose, ensure long working time and safety operation.
6. This machine with C configure, C means tubeless tyre inflating device, make the edge of the tubeless tyre connect tightly with the rim, avoid the leakage when inflating.
7. This model can upgrade, the middle-grade helper HL360 with rail-style slideway is optional according to customers demand, the roller on this helper is fixed, this helper make the operation easy.
8. Full-automatic tyre changer with push-pull horizontal arm and tilt back vertical arm, pneumatic locking, instead of semi-automatic and manual locking method, improve the working efficiency.
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