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Detailed Product Description

Titanium Dioxide Rutile Type Titanium Dioxide Anatase Type
Content 93%Min 98%Min
Tint Redusing Power 100% Min 100% Min
Oil Absorption (g/100g) ?22% Max 26 Max
Ph value 6.5-8.0 6.5-8.0
45 um SieveResidue 0.1%Max 0.1%Max
Water-soluble Matter 0.3%Max 0.5Max
Rutile Content 98%Min Volatile substances (105D) 0.40Max
It is Widely used in coatings, inks, ceramics, glass, and other industries to make paint color; used as a filler in papermaking industryused as colorants and reinforcing agent in rubber industryused for coloring and printing paste in chemical fiber, printing and dyeing industrycan also be used in cosmetics, medicine packing and food industries.

Storagedry and hermetic
Packaging25 kgs in net bag, 21 mts in the 20FCL

TYR-232 is designed to be a multi-purpose tio2 pigment surface treated by Al 2 (SO4)3 and SiO2 and PE, which has main characteristics: small and even particle size, good oil dispersiblity, low absorption, good hiding. It is suggested to coating, oil ink, plastic industry and so on.
The specification of our titanium dioxide R232 as follow:
1 TiO2, %(m/m) >= 92.0
2 Color(compared with standard sample ) No worse than
3 Eleminating color power(compared with standard sample) = 100
4 105 0C volatile component, %(m/m) <= 0.80
5 After preprocess under 23+/-2C and relative humidity (50+/-5) % for 24 hours, volatile component at 1050C, %(m/m) <= 1.5
6 Soluble substance in water, %(m/m) <= 0.5
7 PH value of suspended substance in water 6.0-8.5
8 Oil absorption, (g/100g) <= 22
9 455m residue on sieve, %(m/m) <= 0.05
10 Resistance value of water liquid extract, (Ohms)m >= 60
11 Content of Rutile(%) >= 97
12 Package:25Kg paper bags with pallets