Sell titanium oxide nano powder

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Nano titanium dioxide are divided into two crystal forms of anatase and rutile with an appearance of white powder, high purity, characteristics of even granularity and average grain size of less than 100 nm. It has the properties of good transparency, chemical stability, thermal stability and excellent absorbency to UVA and UVB.
The model of HTTi-01 which crystal is anatase is a nano powder made of nano TiO2 mixed with some metal or metal oxide, and it may be used for producing photocatalyst. The product is characterized by low cost, good stability, high photocatalytic activity and wide range of absorption of light wave. HTTi-01-W and HTTi-01-Mn has the highest catalytic activity, HTTi-01-N also has high catalytic activity. These products can be used in the field of decomposition the automobile exhaust, increasing fuel combustion efficiency and sewage treatment, etc.