Sell tocopherol (CAS. #:59-02-9; CAS. #:58-95-7)

tocopherol (CAS. #:59-02-9; CAS. #:58-95-7) You May Also Be Interested In: iron barrel pharmaceutical intermediate tocopherol
Product Category: Pharmaceutical intermediate
Molecular formula: C29H50O2
Molecular weight: 430.96
CAS. :59-02-9; CAS. :58-95-7
Physicochemical Property: Viscous brown oil and slightly smelly with melting point at 2.5-3.50 and relative density   0.947~0.958. Freely solve in fats, alcohol, chloroform, acetone and vegetable oil, but hardly solve in water. Oxidize easily.
Specification: 97.0%
Usage: Widely used in treatment, health, feed additives food and cosmetic industries
Package: Iron barrel or aluminium barrel
Storage & transportation: Prevent from light and keep dry. Don't pile in the open air
Storage life: 12 months