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Flush automatically adapts infrared induction and microcomputer control unit. The flush valve operates automatically when the user leaves the toilet.
1) Especially for SEAWATER flushed toilet, conserves water
2) No unpleasant odors
3) Hygienic, no-touch action
4) Easy installation
5) Waterproof components
1) Completely sealed sensed drive machinery for anti-damp and anti-salt fog.
2) Motor driven operation, free from fluid matter influence.
3) The double Micro-computer controls, Economize on energy efficiently. ---with high quality Litium battery, the product can be used continuously for over 3 years. (100 times/day)
4) Wireless transfer techniques , flexible and convenient installation.
5) Detection zone:50cm (adjustable)
1) Sensor range:50cm(adjustable)
2) Electrical machinery maneuver box battery: Number 3 lithium battery ER26500, the product can be used continuously for over 3 years.
3) Manual button: enables mechanical manual operation when desired(eg, infrared induction failed because of some special dress material)
4) Warranty: two-year limited warranty on all component parts.
1) Hygienic: the whole rinsing process is done by the flusher itself, clean and
2) The hands-free feature can keep you free from bacteria infections, especially in business rest rooms
3) Intelligent: it utilizes its micro-computer to control the frequency and duration of use, then adjusts its flushing intelligently, which can save water more efficiently
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