Sell tooth water cleaner

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No need electricity & water tank.


- It can used as shower head in normal times and then as tooth cleaner inserting nozzle.

- keep the oral clean through powerful water with above 1000 rpm spraying from nozzle.

- Make teeth clean as remove food particles and bacteria between gums.

- Simple and convenient installation compared to traditional product.

- Set up all by just changing installed already shower head.

- No need extra space but only space for nozzle installation.

- Convenient use and management.

No need to clean and refill water as it has not water tank causing bacteria.

- Easy to control hot and cool water.

- No need electricity and charging.


- Remove plaque, which is the major cause of gum disease and tooth loss.

- Remove food particles in oral.

- It blast away particles got stuck between teeth or placed in hard to reach with brush or dental floss.

- It protects your gums through effect of powerful washing massage.

- Prepare it in advance as teeth can be pulled out because of gums as getting as aged.

- Make teeth white and feel mouth refresh.

- It is much more important when you had a dental surgery like orthodontics or implant.

- It is good when you irrigate teeth, gold crown and dental bridge.