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This is a complete set of cycle in bamboo toothpick product line (toothpick machine) , from raw and processed materials of bamboo to the finished product, it's made up of ten machines.
Total output: 120,000pcs/class (8hours)

high efficiency, easy operate. obsorb the high technology and use high quality steel as material.

GZ-1 Raw Bamboo Sawer----Cutting the Raw Bamboo into Certain Length

General Power 2.2 KW Saw Axis spindle speed 3200 R/MIN
Diameter of the Saw #400 Weight 80 KG
Output Per 8 Hours 15000 Raw Bamboo Dimension Size 870*540*1440MM
PZ-2500 Bamboo Splitting Machine---Splitting the bamboo into strips

General Power 5.5 KW Dimension Size(L/H/W) : 4250W900W1110 MM
The distance between the ram
& Kinves 3000 MM Weight 650 KG
The longest bamboo itcanprocess 2850 MM Kinves it equipped 10 PCS
Output per 8 Hours 15000 KG/Raw Bamboo Reciprocal Time per Minute 12 Times/Minute
FC Fixed Width Slicer----Fourside planing of the bamboo strips

General Power 9.5 KW Main Axis Spindle Speed 3500 R/MIN
The Diameter of the kinves it euipped #80 The Thickness it process 5~40 MM
The Kinves it equipped 2 SET Dimension Size 2300W780W1130 MM
Feeding Speed 75 M/MIN Weight 720 KG
Output per 8 Hours: 7500 KG

XF-1 Flaker makes one sliver into two pcs

General Power 1.5 KW Dimension Size 400*550*1000 MM
Weight 100 KG

LA 7-4 Bamboo Wool Slicer-----Round Bamboo Wool Slicing

General Power 9.5 KW Dimension Size 1280W1020W1170 MM
Weight 455 KG Feeding Speed 80 M /MIN
Process Thickness 10 MM The largest Processing Width 30 MM
Output per 8 Hours 2500 KG Main Axis Speed 3600 R/MIN
JQ Toothpick Precise Cutter -----Cutting the wool into certain length

General Power 1.1 KW Dimension Size 880*820*950 MM
Weight 121 KG Main Axis Speed 3600 R/MIN
PG-1 Toothpick Polishing Machine ----Polishing and making the stick more smooth.

General Power 1.5 KW Dimension Size 2400*850*820mm
Weight 140 KG Main Axis Speed 3600 R/MIN

XJ-01 Toothpick Shape Former (Double-pointed) ---- Forming the shape of the toothpicks.

General Power 2.75 KW Dimension Size 1200*800*820 MM
Weight 300 KG Main Axis Speed 4500 R/MIN
Output 2000 PCS/Minute

MF-160 Multifunctional Blade Sharpener ----- used to sharpen the blade of all the knives in the machine.

General Power 0.55 KW Diameter of the kinves equipped #80~#160
Main Axis Speed 2800 R/MIN Weight 60 KG
Alloy Sander Diameter #160 Dimension Size 450W350W660mm
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