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8-Wire resistive touch screen is the preferred solution for applications requiring accuracy and no re-calibration over time. It is designed based on the 4-wire resistive technology with each edge providing one more sensing line as a stable voltage gradient for the touch screen controller. The functionality of additional 4 lines is to obtain the actual voltage generated by the drive voltage, so the touch screen controller can automatically correct the drift issue resulted from the harsh environment exposure or long time usage.
1) Circuiting Rating: 5V DC, 35Ma
2) Surface Hardness: 3H
3) Light Transmission:
4) Hitting Life Expectancy: Over 1 million
5) Scoring Life Expectancy: Over 100,000
6) Contact Bounce: <10ms.
7) Resolution: 4096x4096
8) Linearity: 1.5%(<1.0% By Request)
9) Operating Force: 10g~100g
10) Operating Temperature: -10 oC ~+60 oC
11) Storage Temperature: -20 oC ~ +70 oC
12) Choices of Glass Thickness: 0. 7mm, 1.1mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm,0.55mm
13) Choices of Glass: Normal Glass, Chemically strengthened glass