Sell tow strap

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Tow strap made from synthetic fibre is lighter and more convenient than steel wire rope and chain. It is one choice for exigence when agricultural automobile, truck or heavy grade vehicle needs towing. Ordinary, it can be stored in hinder boot. The extending coefficient is up to maximum 20% in the course of use, so it can ensure towing automobile makes success.
Collocating metallic hooks or disattachable buckles, the quality of strap is tight and reliable, moreover, it is easy and convenient to use.
The quality is so tough that it can assume the draw from towing automobile much safety.
Formation of webbings are mostly eye and eye on the ends.
It is light, convenient and flexible enough to tow automobile simply and safely.
Our company can supply the ratchet tie down strap with the specification of maximum breaking strength 20 tonnage or more.
The strap has the longer tenure for use because it has the property of chemicals, decay and mould resistance.