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The towel rail radiator:

1. The framework:

Material : TG30802: steel and chrome plated

The size: 945mm(height) ,600mm(width) ,230mm(depth) -------see attachment

2. The middle white square radiator:

The middle white square radiator have Won our national inspection-free products. It is scratch resistance, dust-proof, resistant to surges, acid-resistant, anti-ultraviolet, and ensure long-term use will still be beautiful and looks the new one.

Material: steel and spray plastic (low carbon steel , Thickness is 2.0mm, the carbon content is not more than 0.25%, have good thermal conductivity , and strong pressure. )

The size: 400mm,350mm,100mm------------see attachment

3. Heat output: 897watts, 3060BTUS Net wight is 19KG

4. the price:

TG30802: $118/pcs (eight sheets)

The number of The middle white square radiator s sheet is up to you . you need how many sheet , then we will produce it. of course the number of sheet is different , then the price is different. such as the price of 3 sheets is cheaper than 8 sheets.

5. Remarks:

We ensure that each product is highly polish and don't leak. And three years guarantee.
6. we accept to send you the samples for the frist business between us .