Sell traffic cone HT-LZ-2

traffic cone HT-LZ-2 You May Also Be Interested In: traffic cone
No. :
Cone diameter:
Bottom Size:
Weight: HT-LZ-2
700mm | 500mm
280mm | 200mm
350mm | 250mm
3.3kg | 2.0kg

Characteristics: 1. It has favorable flexibility and can stand press of car, also it will not be broken
if it is struck by hard things!
2. It is sunproof, waterproof, heat-resistant, cold-resistant, non-rimous, colorfast
and so on!
3. Interphase red and white is very striking . At night, it can reflect dazzling
light and make the drivers see clearly!
Usage: It is used on the crossing of roadways, maintenance of freeways, hotels, residential
quarters, dangerous zone, building sites and so on.
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