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1. Brief and dependable design.
2. Axle beam, is made through pressing and modeling, and welded by high quality alloy structure steel Plate.
3. High quality alloy forged spindle, throough wholy heat treatment, is processed by imported digital machining centre with high accuracy.
4. Adopting high quality imported asbestos free brake linings, so that the lifespan of abradability is improved by at least 25 percent.
5. Adopting Mobil XHP222 lubricating grease lengthens the time of free maintenance.
6. The camshaft, matching with special seals, can ensure no entry of grease into the brake drum, so as to guarantee a safety drive.
7. Having a brake parts interchangability with North America quick-brake device.
8. The 9000 series axle, with a special design, can meet the requirements for special use of ultra-low flatbed trailer.
9. Full range of stud fixing such as ISO\BSF\DIN and JAP, it can meet the requirements of various wheel rims.
10. ABS is optional.

Round axles(8-20tonnes)
Type Brake Size No. x size of wheel studs x pco Wheel fixing Capacity A
mm B
mm C
mm D
mm E
mm F
mm Weight
Y2001 420X180 10X7/8X335 BSF 12t 335 281 280 700 177 450 336
Y2002 420X180 10XM20X285 JAP 11t 285 221 280 700 167 450 325
Y2003 420X220 8XM20X285 JAP 12t 285 221 320 720 167 450 330
Y2004 420X180 10XM22X335 ISO 11t 335 281 280 700 177 450 336
Y2005 420X220 10XM22X335 ISO 12t 335 281 320 720 163 450 343
Y2008 420X180 10X7/8X335 BSF 11t 335 281 280 700 177 450 336
Y2009 420X180 10XM22X335 ISO 13t 335 281 280 700 177 450 336
Y9501 311X178 10XM22X225 ISO 10t 225 176 260 690 144 390 265
Y9502 311X178 10XM22X225 ISO 11t 225 176 260 690 144 390 265

Yuek one unit axle
1. The integral alloy steel axle tube has light weight, high bending strength, high bearing capacity after special treat progress.
2. The unique outer-designed brake drum has good heat dissipation, can avoid crack, improve brake ability and decrease the transport cost.
3. Assembled high performance brake friction disk without asbestos, the axle possess of reliable brake and the span of wear-resistant will increase above 30%
4. Adopted world famous SHEEL and Exxonmobil grease, the axle has long time of free maintenance.
5. We provide 15 months or 180,000 Kms service time,24 hours after sale service, and the national service networks will provide clients more convenient service.
6. The components are universal. adopted advanced structure , high interchange ability and the easy damage components are sold all over China, easy to maintain.
7. The axles are according with the American FMV-121 and Australian ADR 38 standard.
Type Brake Size Tread Axle beam Bearing Length
YKYTF13 420X180 1840 150x150 HM518410/45 2185
YK13FQ1 420X220 1840 150x150 HM518410/45 2185
YK16FQ1 420X220 1840 150x150 HM518410/45 2210
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
2,000 Units Per Month
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
2 units
Terms of Payment
T/T or L/C at sight etc
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