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XG2018 2Mb/s BER Tester
Unbalanced 75 (Ohms) and balanced 120 (Ohms)
Out-of-service unframed 2Mb/s BER testing
Frequency, Frequency offset, clock slip measurements
Level measurement
Error injection
2Mb/s transmit clock source: Internal or Interface selectable
G.821, G.826 performance analysis
Print test result
On-line embedded software upgrading

XG2120 E1 Service Tester
Framed and unframed test under TX/RX mode
Online BER monitoring, timeslot analysis and voice channel monitoring under RX HI-Z and through mode.
Framed/unframed Round Trip Delay measurement
APS delay measurement
PCM simulation mode
E1 signal level, frequency, offset measurement
Transmission clock maximum deviation 1999ppm
TX Clockk: internal, interface, external 2M clock/signal
Error and alarm insertion modes
Real time display open circuit and short circuit status
G.821, G.826 and M.2100 performance analysis
Print test result in report format, on-line embedded software upgrade.

XG2130 E1/DATA Tester
E1 interface test (refer to XG2120 function)
Datacom interface test ( refer to XG2028 function)
G.703 CO error test (optional)
For G.703 CO, OCTET timing can be turned on or turned off, transmitter clock source
can be selected with internal or external
clock derived from received signals.
Protocol converter interface error test

XG2040 ADSL Tester
Line parameters measurement
Simulate ADSL MODEM completely
Print the test result report, on-line
embedded software upgrade.

XG2035 Voice Channel Analyzer
Six performance characteristics measurement: Level, Variation of gain with frequency, Variation of gain with input level, Total distortion including quantizing distortion, Idle channel noise, Crosstalk.
A-A measurement: Point-to-Point, Loop-back test.
Test mode: Automatic test and manual test
Not only E&M but also FXO, FXS can be measured directly.
Various interface impedances: 0(Ohms) (output) , high impedance (input) , 600(Ohms) and complex impedance
Easily to operate by providing accessories selectable.
Test results can be displayed graphically on the screen and can be compared with built-in standard ITU-T tolerance mask

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