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252 High Corrosion Resistant Yellow Trivalent Chromating
Features and benefits:
1, Contain no Cr and oxiding substance, thereby producing no Cr in the coating, which has passed through SGS standard. It is an environment-friendly product and has been accepted by importers from European and America.
2, Produce clean, bright and slightly iridescent yellow coating, which is not easy to be fogged.
3, Exhibit strong corrosion resistance, the coating without sealed can last 200-300 hours in ASTM B-117 neutral salt spraying until the first formation of white rust, the coating by barrel can last 120 hours. It is especially good for automotive parts industry.
4, Heat treatment does not influence anti-corrosion and change the colors.
5, Single make-up and single replenisher, Easy operation and maintenance, long lasting and low costs.
252A make-up: 100ml/L, replenishment by 252B additive.